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How Do I Get My Business Higher On Google Maps?

December 27, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Online Advertising

According to local SEO and Google Maps optimization specialists, a business can only get the full benefits of Google Maps by ranking higher in Google Maps. In the context of SEO, this includes ranking higher in the Google Maps search results, as well as the local 3-pack shown in the main search engine results.

When it comes to ranking higher on Google Maps, building and verifying a Google My Business page is not sufficient. A successful Google Maps SEO strategy requires effort. In this article, you will learn Google Maps optimization tips that you can employ to get your business higher ranking in Google Maps.

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1. Citations and Backlinks

You should consider building and earning authoritative backlinks to your business website. The citations you provide should also sync with the Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP). The format in which you present your business NAP should be the one adopted when making external citations.

According to local Google Maps SEO and optimization company, Captivate Local, The external citations should match the business NAP that is provided in Google Maps listings. This will ensure NAP consistency and get rid of the volatility of distributed matter. As a result, your business Google Maps listing will build authority which translates to higher rankings in the Google Maps and Google’s primary search results.

2. Google My Business

Google My Business listings work by bringing together all Google platforms, such as a company’s Google+ profile, the business’s Google reviews, and Google Maps Profile into one central dashboard. The different Google platforms can be controlled using a gmail account that can be created freely. The process of creating your Google My Business Profile is simple and straightforward.

However, you should be cautious because one simple mistake can result in significant issues such as the page being flagged or disabled. Ensure to provide your business contact details with 100 percent accuracy. The contact information you provide will be referenced in citations to business around the internet. The quality of these citations will determine your Google My Business page ranking in the Google Maps listing.

3. Website Optimization

You are expected to fill out your site URL whenever you are creating your Google Maps Business listing. The addition of your site URL to your Google Business Page plays a crucial role in your local SEO strategy. The website URL that you add to your Google Maps listing will influence your rankings and authority in the search results.

According to reputable local SEO company,, the following are the key elements that you should optimize on the homepage of the website:

  • Homepage Title: the Meta tag should illustrate the business’ metro area, category, and its name.
  • Meta Description: after the title tag, the following relevant metadata is your business description tag. The description tag will reinforce the business metro area and its category.
  • On-site content: this will help you to continue with the reinforcement of your business Metro name, business name, and the business category. You can employ key strategies such as keyword density, bold words, and tags to reinforce your website homepage for the Google Maps Listing.
  • NAP/Citations: this is important in enhancing your business name, address, and phone number on the site’s homepage. You can include your business NAP in the footer of the site or the sidebar. The footer is the most recommended area because it enables your business NAP to be accessible across all pages of the business website.

Last Word on Google Maps SEO

There are more Google Maps SEO strategies that you can employ to improve your business’ Google Maps ranking. However, these three are the most important ones that if you do them right, your Google Maps listing will stand out as the best among the rest of your competitors.


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