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Why Greenskeepers Embrace the Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool

January 9, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Golf

A divot repair tool is one of the most important devices in one’s golf bag. Divot repair tools are used for the maintenance of the greens after created a ball mark from one’s approach shot. And like a golf swing, fixing a divot takes proper technique (in which most golfers do incorrectly.) 4 prong divot tool

Contrary to popular belief, not all divot tools are created equal. In fact, some golfers are unaware that divot repair tools are constructed in various designs, some of which mitigate the misuse of divot tool to fix ball marks on the green.

In this article, we review one of the most innovative golf ball divot repair tools known as the Mark Mender. Using a 4-prong, squeeze-action design, it’s almost impossible to improperly repair one’s divot using this ball mark repair tool.

The Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool

When we talk about various golf divot repair tools, it is undeniable the Mark Mender tool tops the line. It has been uniquely constructed and designed in order to lessen the damage to the grass while fixing the divots by correctly lifting the ball marks. Not only that this tool can repair divots, it also serves as a cigar holder, as well as a ball marker. With the various functions of this tool, it is popularly deemed as the icing on the cake.

Recognized as one of the most dependable tools in golf, the divot tool is a convenient way of repairing the ball marks. Comparing it to the traditional ones such as the plastic device, the tendency is that the greens will be pulled up, causing harm to the grass and the recovery period will eventually be longer than to use divot repair tool

The ease and fluidity that is incorporated with the tool, you can conveniently fix the golf greens, leaving the surface like brand new. The four-prong construction and the quick grip design will absolutely help you restore the greens in the correct way.

Cigar Holder and Divot Tool

Mark Mender goes the extra mile in order to serve the golfers more convenience as it doubles the divot tool with a cigar holder. This is a great way to enjoy your cigar while fixing those ball marks. So, a premium tool that functions more than what it is supposed to be is absolutely a must-have for any golfer.

Divot Repair Tool Doubles as a Ball Marker

It has been showcased that the Mark Mender divot repair tool can also function as a cigar holder, however, that is not the end of the story as it can also be a magnetic ball marker. As a contrast to the traditional repair tools being offered in the market, this tool will definitely provide you a more accurate way of recomposing the greens.

Furthermore, you can also ask for it to be personalized as a promotional item for yourself or for your business needs as well. With the innovative design of the Mark Mender, you will surely enjoy its diversity and impressive functionality among the other brands.

Custom Mark Menders for Your Specific Needs

With the personalized Mark Mender, you can achieve a custom one for various events, applications and purposes. If you are looking for custom divot repair tools as a promotional item for your business or brand, or as an ideal giveaways for your groomsmen or perhaps souvenirs for a golf tournament, this divot tool is a great option. The great thing is that Mark Mender offers unlimited custom design options to suit your needs, all complete with affordable minimum orders.custom divot repair tools bulk

Although this golf tool may yield a higher price as compared to the other custom divot tools, it is considered as a value for money because the design in focused on durability and functionality. Mark Mender leaves every golfer with a satisfying experience of fixing the ball marks, while enjoying its wide variety of other uses. You can also carry it anywhere as you can easily clip it on your belt for a more convenient access.

In the end, with the numerous benefits presented, whether it is for personal or corporate use, you should take advantage of this multi-functional divot repair tool. Mark Mender is among few supplies of custom divot tools wholesale. So don’t settle for the standard tools being sold in the market, which may cause numerous distractions on the greens, rather make your greenskeepers happy by choosing the Mark Mender divot repair tool. A classic choice of a prime golfer, combined with a multipurpose function is without a doubt a great choice for anyone.

You have to know that as a golfer, you need to have the proper gear and equipment for a more satisfying golf experience. Therefore, going for the extra mile to achieve these tools are a definite must-do.


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