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Loader Scales from Walz Offer Versatility, Accuracy & Efficiency

July 21, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Loader Scales

When it comes to fully-functional, dependable loader scales for heavy-duty weighing, Walz Scale is an industry leading supplier of highly advanced on-board loader scales used in mining, farming, and other industrial applications. Walz Scale has cultivated a powerful reputation from different users all over the world who have embraced the benefits of using Walz Scale’s on-board weighing systems for loaders.industrial loader scales on-board weighing

On-board weighing systems for loaders are designed with in built modules that are installed directly on the vehicles chassis or frame. These on-board weighing scales function on almost any kind of wheel loader used around the globe. Once installed, the weighing systems efficiently provide accurate load weight measurements, eliminating the need of using external scale at a specific weighing site.

On-board Loader Scale Solutions

on-board loader scalesWhen it comes to multi-functional on-board loader scales, Walz Scale offers a wide range of on-board loader scales that can be customized to match specific company’s requirements from entry level through advanced functionality options to improve productivity.

Below are the on-board wheel loader scales Walz Scale offers, proven to provide ultimate convenience without requiring continuous calibration or extensive installation.

Wheel Loader Scales

Walz Scale provides fully functional and dependable on-board wheel loader scales for large hauling vehicles or earth movement equipment such as wheel loaders. They offer three types of wheel loader scales each designed with its own specifications and capacity functions, which include the WK50XS, WK50S, and WK50.loader scale walz

These on-board weighing systems for loaders provide advanced throughput, seamless weighing process and enhanced efficiency in providing you with accurate measurements of the vehicle load.

The wheel loader scale offers ultimate accuracy and convenience since they are designed to offer simple operation, require low maintenance, they are field service and insatiable, are fitted with multiple communication protocols, have an in motion weighing capability as well as being fitted with a robust scale design and a graphical operator interface to give precise results.

Skid Steer Loader Scales

If you require basic weighing information or advanced data collection, the skid steer loader scales by Walz Scale is designed to fit all your needs. Due to the flexibility of the on-board scale weighing systems, they can be used on a wide range of trucks around the globe among them the skid steer loaders.skid steer loader scales

Skid steer loader system scale is designed to be extremely durable, with an operator interface to work even at the words toughest environments, has a built in WK50XS weighing terminal, certified test weights and comes with a complete kit for simple installation for ultimate accurate data production data.

Backhoe Loader Scales

The backhoe loader scales are highly designed to work with all backhoe loaders and fitted with a robust loader scale design with a graphical operator interface and multiple communication protocols to provide a simple operation for ultimate accuracy and convenience to improve productivity.Backhoe Loader Scales

These backhoe loader scales, along with other related on-board weighing systems from Walz Scale, are made for easy field installable and serviceable with can bus communications and a built in support for ticket printing.

Industrial Loader Scales

The industrial loader scales is also an ideal remedy for producers looking for a convenient way to track production. Investors of the industrial loader scale stand to gain a leverage a myriad of benefits including an integral weighing system, a solid WK50XS weighing terminal and operator interface, advanced keypad with a complete kit for easy installation to offer versatility accuracy and efficiency in production.

If your project or company is need of reliable on-board loader scales, look no further than the Walz Scale.


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