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Shop Unique Cycling Clothing Styles at

July 6, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Cycling, Cycling Clothing

retro2ride logoThere are only a few legitimate online stores to shop if you are looking for unique cycling clothing and one worth mentioning is Specializing in unique cycling clothing styles for both men and women, offers a wide range of products, and also showcases four distinct design collections featuring exclusive custom designed cycling jerseys.

With many different styles, has something unique for almost anyone’s taste. Because the collections we feature below are just the tip of the iceberg, we encourage your check out’s complete selection of custom unique cycling clothing.

Classic-Vintage Cycling Jerseys

classic vintage cycling jerseys

The Classic-Vintage collection is filled with many options, including this exclusive 1965 Ciclo Cross design.

If you want unique cycling clothing that shows off the storied past of cycling or shows off vintage styles, then this is the collection for you. You won’t get these designs anywhere else. You can find a 1943 Cataluna Men’s short sleeve jersey or a Gumby Men’s or Women’s short sleeve jersey in this collection along with many other designs.

Craft Brewery & Winery Collection

Craft Brewery cycling jerseys

Shown here is the 2015 Schlafly APA design, one of many options in the Craft Brewery & Winery Collection.

You can show off your favorite brewery or winery while you are cycling through the countryside or through an urban landscape. There’s also a Victory Brewing Women’s short sleeve jersey or a Lucky Labrador Classic Men’s long sleeve jersey. There are jerseys for specific breweries and wineries or even specific beers or wines, so take a look at this collection if this is your thing.

Modern Cycling Jerseys

Modern Cycling Jerseys

This is the Monarch design for women. There are a number of modern, earthy, and elegant choices in the Modern Style collection.

If you like the modern fit, modern style, and a modern look, then this is the category for you. You can find the Constellation short sleeve jersey for both Men and Women in this category along with the Monarch Women’s short sleeve jersey. The USA Cycling Men’s jersey is always a modern look based on the classic, timeless original as it is concerned.

The High Road Collection

The High Road Collection

The High Road Collection wouldn’t be complete without Sour Diesel, one of the most popular sativa cannabis strains,

The cycling jerseys and tech tees in the High Road collection allow a rider to use unique cycling clothing to be discrete and clever when celebrating and advertising their favorite cannabis. “Reefer horticulture,” as it is known to many, has a lot of followers, and did long before the dispensaries opened up in California, Colorado, and Washington. Cannabis breeders have discovered their own art form when creating new forms of the plant, and now you can wear your favorite with pride. The Purple Haze Men’s or Women’s short sleeve tech tee is perfect for many, but so are those that have colorful designs of Sour Diesel, DC Kush, Trainwreck, Strawberry Cough, or Blue Dream.

New & Best Selling Styles

new cycling jerseys

The Carte Postale is a new arrival that’s a hot seller at

The new Carte Postale comes in both men’s and women’s styles is a very popular product that has just release. The Rosie the Riveter cycling jersey is a bestseller for women, along with the Chat Noir jersey.

If you are looking for unique and custom cycling clothing, there are tons of choices at Whether you enjoy cycling by yourself, with a partner, or as a team, why not have unique cycling clothing so that the bystanders on the street or those watching on the sidelines as you race by can cheer on those with the most unique outfits! You definitely want to be the one to be seen in unique cycling clothing from if you’re in a race or you ride regularly. Your comfort, your presence, and your style all count on it!


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